In two tweets on Sunday, May 19, Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, exposed the shortcomings of several of the Democratic Party’s 2020 Presidential Candidates.

In the first tweet, Kirk showed the stark contrast between 2020 Democratic candidates in the 80s, and Donald Trump in the 80s.

Bernie Sanders, then a recently married mayor from Vermont, called his trip to the Soviet Union, “a very strange honeymoon.”

“Let’s take the strengths of both systems,” he said upon returning from his trip. “Let’s learn from each other.”

Joe Biden’s first run at the Presidency, which was in the 1988 Presidential election, resulted with Biden dropping out of the race in September of 1987 due to allegations of him plagiarizing a speech.

In the second tweet, Charlie Kirk displayed the lack of action by the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates.

The 2020 candidates, according to Kirk, have shown a lack of legislation to help the United States.

While there may be many things to criticize Donald Trump about, lack of legislative action is not one of them.

The 2020 race will determine the the future of the United States, and the candidates past and legislative history will be a factor in the election.

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