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In a series of tweets on Monday, May 20, Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, exposed information about the state of despair that California is in.

In the first tweet, Kirk displayed the conditions of the homeless population in San Francisco:

Kirk stated, “Homeless are now moving to live in makeshift boats in the Bay to get away from the toxic living conditions.”

Despite the extensive spending of, according to Kirk, $300,000,000 in 2018, the homelessness problem continues to grow.

According to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, spending on “homeless services in San Francisco” in the fiscal year of 2015 to 2016 was $242,000,000.

According to a report from April 2019, it would cost $12,700,000,000 ($12.7 Billion) to end the homelessness problem in the San Francisco Bay region.

Of course, perhaps a change in policy could help homelessness more than throwing tax dollars at the problem.

In his second tweet, Charlie Kirk showed that the difference in policy, Republican vs Democrat, and the effect that it has on a state’s fiscal condition:

Kirk is citing a study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. This study ranks all 50 states in America by their “fiscal condition.”

Kirk stated that, “9/10 of the best-run states have been traditionally run by Republicans. 9/10 of the worst-run states have been traditionally run by Democrats.”

The states that Kirk refers to when he talks about the top 10 “best-run” states are as follows:

  1. Nebraska (R)
  2. South Dakota (R)
  3. Tennesee (R)
  4. Florida (R)
  5. Oklahoma (R)
  6. Wyoming (R)
  7. Idaho (R)
  8. Utah (R)
  9. North Carolina (R)
  10. Nevada (D)

The top 10 “worst-run” states are:

  1. Illinois (D)
  2. Connecticut (D)
  3. New Jersey (D)
  4. Massachusetts (D)
  5. Kentucky (R)
  6. New Mexico (D)
  7. Delaware (D)
  8. West Virginia (D)
  9. California (D)
  10. New York (D)

The disparity between these lists is very obvious, showing the contrast in effectiveness of conservative vs. liberal fiscal policy.

In his third tweet, Kirk continued to show the ineffectiveness of Democratic policy in California, saying,”California has all the characteristics of a 3rd world country.”

California resembles a third world country because of its living standard. While there are affluent individuals living in California, a lot of its populous lives under harsh conditions.

The video below shows perfectly the conditions that Kirk is talking about:

Without context, this video would appear as if it was taken in a third world country. Sadly, it was taken in our very own California.

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