Eric Bolling host of America This Week welcomed Sarah Sanders, Anthony Scaramucci, and Charlie Kirk to discuss the Mueller Report and other popular politics, including left-wing violence. 

The Mueller Investigation spend millions of dollars, conducted 500 witness interviews, filed 2,800 subpoenas, and took 2 years.

When asked about Trump’s use of executive privilege to close the Mueller Investigation, Charlie Kirk agreed that is what he should have done.

Kirk claims that this is nothing more than a leftist ploy to give President Trump a weaker hand in the 2020 Election. Kirk elucidated that it is not uncommon for presidents to use their executive privilege power, but, naturally, the fact that Trump is using it will cause a media tangle-up.

Kirk believes that Democrats should be held accountable for continuously postponing the investigation for nearly 2 years in attempts to gain control of the House.


As the conversation continued, it moved towards the amount of violence on the left compared to the right.

“There’s no violence on the conservative side. If there was we’d expel it and we’d hold these people accountable.”

Kirk claims that colleges have become “islands of totalitarianism” due to leftist violence and ANTIFA.

SUGGESTED: Freedom of Speech Is Being Weaponized on Campus 

Kirk, once again, thanks President Trump for upholding the First Amendment under his Freedom of Speech Executive Order, “It’s amazing to finally have an American President that has the backs of students fighting for the freedom of expression. This is not a conservative issue. This is not a liberal issue. This is an American issue. That students should be able to freely express their opinion without fear of retribution.”

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