While Kirk’s numbers are technically not wrong, research has shown that it is actually a larger number. According to Judicial Watch, 462 counties are guilty of having more registered voters than residents eligible to vote.

These counties range from 101% of residents registered as voters in Delaware’s New Castle County to New Mexico’s Harding County, housing a 162% registration rate.

Charlie said, “Did you know: U.S. has 3.5 Million more registered voters than living adults. Voter fraud is real.”

“That’s enough over-registered voters to populate a ghost-state about the size of Connecticut,” Judicial Watch attorney Robert Popper told The National Review.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, this assertion is accurate. 327 million people live in the United States.  This is more than 1% of the United States population.  Distributed correctly, this amount of votes could seriously skew election results.

What’s worrisome is California.

California’s San Diego County has a meek (compared to others) registration rate of 138%. This translates to 810,966 ghost voters. Los Angeles County’s 112% rate equates to 707,475 over-registrations.

After it is all said-and-done, California wins the voting game with 1,736,556 ghost voters.

“California’s voting rolls are an absolute mess that undermines the very idea of clean elections,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “It is urgent that California take reasonable steps to clean up its rolls. We will sue if state officials fail to act.”

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