On the “Guns, Abortion, Religion, Oh My!” episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, offers a spin on the show to open up the discussion towards those who have questions.

The first question that Kirk was asked concerned the father role in abortion circumstances. Charlie Kirk used leftist ideology to respond to the question, despite his personal beliefs.

Kirk made note of the alarming numbers of parents in the United States that are in line for adoption:

“I think that we should completely and totally defund Planned Parenthood of the $500 million each year and redirect that $500 million each year to adoption. Why not have Planned Adoption? Isn’t that what Planned Parenthood should be?…I think us that are Conservative do not talk about adoption enough. The adoption laws are completely screwed up, the waiting periods, the expenses, the lawyers they have to hire, and the things surrounding it,” said Kirk.

Kirk also notes the importance of human life:

“How many Steve Jobs have there been aborted since Roe v. Wade?”

“We believe [as Conservatarians] that every individual can flourish above the level that they are at today. And abortion robs people of that opportunity,” he continued. 

Kirk also brings to light a controversial area concerning the woman behind Roe v. Wade, of whom has came out as a Pro-Life activist and claimed that she was just being used as a political pawn for the leftist agenda.

The abortion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Doctors, facilities, and clinics make several billion dollars each year on behalf of abortion.

Kirk transitioned topics with another question:

The following question refers to women owning guns and having simultaneous control over their bodies.

Charlie Kirk immediately responds by saying:

 “It’s really interesting in the gun control debate, how often people do not realize that it is actually women who are the most likely to purchase firearms. The newest wave of NRA members under the age of 40 are actually about 70-80% women.

‘If you take the left’s talking points to its furthest extent, that there is an unbelievably dangerous world out there, that women are being subjected to this horrendous criminal activity on college campuses and any other place, wouldn’t it make sense to have more gun ownership for women? Guns are the great equalizer. If you actually look at a woman with a firearm that would put her up against a 300 or 400 lb man that would want to do harm to her.”

Kirk moves onto discuss the Young Women’s Leadership in Dallas, Texas in June 6-9th and how there are overwhelming numbers of women in support of gun ownership.


He lays out the facts: “There has been a 77% increase in female gun ownership since 2005. It has been the fastest growing demographic within shooting. There are over 5.4 million women who target shoot regularly (at least once a month). This is a huge increase that I do not think gets out very often.”

Moving onto the next question, concerning the amount of gun deaths requiring more gun control, Kirk responds with the fact that more than half of gun deaths are suicide related and that America is the only country that counts suicide by gun as a “gun death”. To which, he targets this as a mental health issue.

Kirk believes that the gun debate is emotionally exploited through the mainstream media.

Approximately 2% of the murders account for the nation’s 3,142 counties (2% of all counties account for over half of the murders committed by guns). 

Kirk also believes that if we could fix our failing school system across the United States by allowing for national school choice, there will be a guaranteed decrease in gang activity and violence.

The final question stems from the separation of church and state:

Kirk believes that his viewpoints are rooted in Christianity, but puts his interpretation of public policy comes through a secular lens .

He states that while Christianity is valuable to him, it may not be valuable to others and that we must approach public politics as separate in order for all citizens to be able to pursue their own religious practice without judgement.

To hear more from this Q&A from Charlie Kirk, the podcast series is available on Apple Podcasts and PodcastOne. 


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