Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA’s Founder and President, and Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General, have been invited to speak in April by the Montana State University College Republicans.

Sessions is speaking on April 8. Vice Chair of the College Republicans, Ellie Krizan, says that he, along with his peers, are “interested in learning about his career… and we wanted to find a speaker who would be educational and create conversation,” according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Sessions spoke at Bozeman in June of last year. There, he talked of immigration and border security. According to the Chronicle, “he said strong borders and strong immigration laws are necessary to help law enforcement across the United States respond to a rising number of drug crimes.”

Sessions served as President Trump’s Attorney General from February 2017 until November 2018. He also served as a campaign policy adviser for President Trump.

Just after the Sessions event, Montana State University’s Campus Clash is scheduled for April 18. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens will both be in attendance.

“I’m really excited about the question-and-answer part of the event because that creates some conversation, which is necessary and is something that we need more of,” Krizan said. “I trust they will spread some good conversation.”

“The College Republicans at MSU support positive conservative conversation, and that’s what we’re trying to promote with this event,” Krizan said. “We want two sides talking and two sides listening. Like all activists on all sides, Turning Point has been caught up in some controversy, and controversy is OK as long as it is not violent, counterproductive or infringing on people’s free speech.”

Turning Point USA centers itself around the freedom of speech and supporting everyone’s right to speak their ideas.

For all students wishing to attend either of these events, please visit the College Republicans at Montana State University FaceBook page or their website.

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