Charlie Kirk was recently invited onto Huckabee on Saturday, April 27th.  He spoke about the battle on modern American college campuses for freedom of conservative speech.


The discussion started with the recent executive order passed by President Donald Trump that protects free speech on colleges.  Huckabee credited Charlie Kirk for contributing in a large way to shedding light on the fact that it is an issue.

Kirk stated, “It was historic. And for those that are not as into the college campus controversies as I am, these campuses have become islands of totalitarianism where if you disagree with the predominant, left wing viewpoint on campus, you can be disinvited.”

Charlie Kirk commented on times that he had been shut down or silenced on campus, mentioning “DePaul University in Chicago, or Cornell University in Ithaca New York”

Huckabee asked Kirk what the reason was that he was given for being shut down by campus administration when he had an event scheduled. Kirk responded by saying, “They’re careful not to blame viewpoint, they’ll use oh it’s too expensive to bring him to campus because of all the protests.”

He went on to comment on the nature of college campuses, and what they should be. This is, according to Kirk, a “marketplace of ideas.”  He says students should be able to have their views challenged, and should be able to hear a viewpoint that is different than the one they’re accustomed to hearing.

He said students should leave college more mature than they were when they entered.  But, Kirk says that in college, individuals are so sheltered that they don’t experience any different viewpoints, and that’s a major problem.

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