In the latest episode of “The Charlie Kirk Show,” Charlie Kirk hosts Mark Levin, American Conservative author, to discuss the leftist media bias and partisanship within Congress.

On the topic of Congressional support for the President, Charlie Kirk stated, “I’m a libertarian on a lot of issues. I think we need to end the endless wars… I think that our criminal justice system needs a lot of reform. I think that people should generally do what they want to do as they see fit, as long as it does not harm somebody else.”

“It is unmistakable that President Donald Trump has expanded personal liberty, revitalized American spirit, created the most successful economy in American history, and has accomplished long held Conservative and Libertarian policy objectives. In opposition to that, with this sort of flakey reasoning, means that you care more about your own political future than what is best for America,” Kirk continued.

The duo later discuss Levin’s newest book, “Freedom of the Press.” In the book, Levin discusses how Americans are often misled by the powerful press due to bias on political issues.

Coincidently, a new poll by Gallup revealed that 4 out of every 10 Americans support socialism – a political ideology heavily supported by the media.

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Kirk touched upon his concerns with Socialism: “A country will become more poor, divided, and the elites will become more powerful.”

He claimed that if this 40% of socialism believers in American continues to rise over the next fifty years, the United States will be unrecognizable and run by enriched elites as seen by other Socialist run countries.

Later, Levin discussed the “Journalism Code of Ethics” in his new book and how the art of journalism has overtime turned into social activism. Levin argues that journalism is no longer becoming just facts, even some such as Professor Rosen from NYU Journalism believe that this is impossible to remain objective.

Levin states, “There’s a reason why 80% of Republicans do not trust the media and 80% of Democrats do. What that means is that the media has made that decision, they have tied themselves to the Democrat party and vice versa…the original writers and pamphleteers of the American Revolution wrote about liberty, individualism, property rights. You do not hear this at all today.”

Levin is a firm believer that the media and the press are two separate bodies, and that the death of the press is due to the media, not the government or President.

Charlie Kirk stands behind the younger generation of students because he “trusts their brains”.

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