On May 10th, founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk speaks out about the imminent chaos within Venezuela due to the rampant spread of socialism. He tweeted that such despair is Senator Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) dream:

In the early 1990s, Venezuela was the wealthiest country in South America with undeniable access to clean water, public sanitation, and electricity. At this time, Venezuela offered some of the largest fossil fuel reserves.

What happened?

According to Max Fisher and Amanda Taub from the Independent, from 1999 to his death in 2013, socialist president Hugo Chavez used oil money to fund programs for the country. The problem is that the government, in control of the revenue for the country, was grossly misused and overtaken by corruption – a common outcome with big government nations.

In the 2000s, the Bolivar, the currency of Venezuela, became largely inflated. To put this into comparison, one Bolivar was equivalent to over $10,000 USD.

Alongside inflation, the Venezuelan government put controls on foreign exchange, which then created the price of basic consumer goods to increase thus placing an undue burden on the Venezuelan people.

Not only did the Venezuelan government siphon from the private industry, but it also restrained public spending. These negative effects on the country of Venezuela are directly correlated to the institutionalization of socialism in 2001.

What’s wrong with inflation? 

Due to the rate of inflation and lack of foreign exchange, the unaffordable costs in Venezuela forced the people to do without basic needs: food, shelter, independence.

Around 2015, Venezuelans went hungry, lacking the cheapest commodities such as rice and flour. Some citizens were left to dig through trash for scraps to feed their families. Others took a more aggressive approach of rioting or stealing from local businesses.

Food shortages are said to be the cause of the mass exodus of Venezuela to neighboring countries. The overbearingly controlled government in Venezuela is putting haults on passports for months at a time to prevent a refugee crisis.

In 2019, after much criticism from the United Nations and other political officials, current President Nicolas Maduro was re-elected; however, he was said to have ordered the death of nearly 500 people since 2015 – a way to tackle the amount of uprising and protesting, which are crimes in Venezuela.

For no reason, a team called the “Operations for the Liberation of the People” was ordered to gun down individuals, mostly young men, as a part of a policy to reduce crime implemented by Maduro.

These circumstances only arose after the implementation of Socialism. The more power the government has, the weaker the people become.

Where does America stand? 

2020 Election Democratic Primary candidate Bernie Sanders identifies as a Democratic-Socialist and is known for critiquing the income divide between the wealthy and the poor within the United States, the same reason why Socialism was implemented in Venezuela.

Sanders’s policy plans consistently contain initiatives to tax the wealthy in order to even the score for the bottom 90% of United States citizens, a common political idea that has never succeeded but rather caused harm, as seen in Venezuela.

Charlie Kirk states that Bernie Sanders calls this the “American Dream” when in reality this can only put the American value of achieving success and self-actualization in reverse.

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