Hundreds of young Latinos gathered in Phoenix, Arizona in late-February for Turning Point USA’s Young Latino Leadership Summit.  The organization’s founder, Charlie Kirk, addressed the attendees saying he is “tired of seeing these racial demagogues on the Left, trying to make it seem as if your skin color must dictate a political preference,” reports Breitbart.

“I don’t care what you look like, I care what your worldview is,” Kirk said.  “The Left have become the true racists. They say, ‘Mexicans cannot be conservatives,’ they say, ‘black people cannot be conservatives.’  That’s a racist thing to say.”

During a question and answer session, Kirk was asked what young conservatives can do to spread that message to their peers.  He responded, saying:

“It has to start culturally… politics flows downstream from culture.”

“We say Beto O’Rourke – Robert Francis O’Rourke – running on that fake Mexican platform,” he went on.  “We saw him gather, rally together the support of not only Hispanics, but Caucasians, and people from out of the state of Texas.”

Kirk went further, stating that in order to change the minds of young Americans, “you have to expose people on the Left of their hypocrisy – their lack of adequate factual basis of their beliefs.”

An attendee heckled Kirk, claiming that TPUSA and other conservative movements are “using identity politics” by specifically reaching out to Latinos.  Kirk responds by making clear that “the Left focuses on race, whereas conservatives value ideas that are found within Latino culture,” Breitbart states.  Kirk goes on:

“I think we’d all agree there’s a specific and unique Latino culture — not race, not skin color, but there are values embedded in the Latino culture that should be appreciated and understood.”

The values and cultural ideas that Kirk is referring to are “hard work, reverence, faith, God, family, [and] pro-life.”

Kirk challenged the motives of Leftists, saying “The cultural ideas of the Latino culture, [Leftists] want to obliterate completely, and just talk about people in terms of skin color.”

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