On May 10, Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, took to Twitter to highlight certain statistics that support the development of better border security measures.

According to Robert Farley from FactCheck, ever since March of 2018, when the Omnibus Spending Bill was signed by President Trump, there have been significant alterations in cross-border traffic.

While the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 (Omnibus Spending Bill) did not entirely meet the wishes of President Trump, the $1.3 billion allotted under the bill did in fact make significant changes.

The bill allows for the following expenditures: $251 million for “secondary fencing” near San Diego, $445 million for “primary pedestrian levee fencing” in the Rio Grande Valley, $196 million for “primary pedestrian fencing” in the Rio Grande Valley, $445 million for replacement of primary pedestrian fencing, $38 million for border barrier planning and design, $196 million for border security technology.

While this is primarily the first step in building the wall, Kirk comments on the positive effects of the progress currently made. According to the U.S Department of the Interior, from January to April of 2019, about 95 pounds of fentanyl have been seized.

In 2017, nearly 30,000 fentanyl pills were seized by the DEA in Arizona alone that were smuggled over the U.S-Mexico border. Most fentanyl smuggled from Mexico is about 10 percent pure and enters hidden in vehicles at official border crossings around Nogales and San Diego, Customs and Border Protection data show.

While only 85 percent of the fentanyl from Mexico was seized at San Diego area border crossings in 2018, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment said seizures have surged at Arizona’s border and elsewhere around the state.

In 2019, the 95 pounds of fentanyl that has been seized has already saved the lives of millions.

The amount of cocaine seized since 2018 has nearly been reduced to half due to field operations located at the border.

The TPUSA founder supports the remainder of the Southern U.S Border wall being built. He says it will further halt these atrocities that we see already becoming diminished.

Kirk also used his Twitter outreach to highlight the evil in using children of methods to get into the United States:

Reports say that Mexican children can be rented for around $200 to be smuggled across the border in hopes of having a better chance in.

This exploits Mexican children that are seen as profitable all while trying to cheat the immigration system.

Charlie Kirk calls on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to address the issue as it should be addressed– a crisis.

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