In the newest episode of Charlie Kirk’s new show, ‘The Charlie Kirk Show,’ Kirk opened the floor by talking about China and its prospective future. He goes on to question China’s influence on the world: 

“China is growing at an alarming pace. They have massive control over their population, they have stolen our intellectual property, they are hacking our cyber-grid, which is an act of war. I have a list of people who should be subpoenaed.”

Kirk continued to pointed out America’s current employment situation, saying that the low levels of unemployment for black, hispanic, and disabled people are due to the economy that the Trump Administration has created for the United States.

He explained that other countries in the world typically follow the pattern of the United States. If Americans continue to prosper as a nation, others are likely to follow he stated.

Kirk believes, without a doubt, that Chinese-Communists will be the largest threat to world growth. According to him, the mainstream media is smearing the Trump Administration, assuming the President will create a trade war.

On the episode, Kirk claimed, “We have already been in a trade war with China for the past 50 years. There is only one side fighting- China. They have decimated the United States steel industry. They are the ones targeting U.S manufacturing. We have signed trade deal after trade deal that has benefitted them more than us. Every single time. That is free trade for them, not free trade for us. The President has been balancing these things.”

He went on to comment on the dependency that China has on foreign countries:

“The Chinese foreign minister claims that China will never surrender to external pressure. However, China does not have access to energy the way that the United States does. They have no permian basin, they do not have access to natural resources such as coal, oil, or natural gas.”

Larry Cudlow, Head of the Economic Council for the White House, responded on this. She elucidated that our nation will no longer stand for unfair trade agreements with China:

“We have said this many times. Intellectual property theft has to be fixed. Forced technology transfer and ownership of American companies has to be fixed. Cyber interventions have to be fixed. Several Chinese officials in Beijing and here have said that the agreement was too unbalanced…no, the relationship has been too unbalanced and because of these unfair and sometimes unlawful trading practices we have to have a very strong agreement to correct these wrongs before we will be satisfied.”

Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA are strong supporters of free markets and trade, but only when it’s assured that the beneficiary is not having their product or good stolen of violated in terms of engagement.

China is classified by the World Trade Organization as the second largest economy worldwide, yet they are still classified as a developing country. Due to this, China is not held to the same standard of environmental protections and workplace protections.

Kirk continues on to comment on the price of consumer goods rising due to the China conflict, explicating that we must hold China accountable:

“I will happily buy my textiles, my clothing, my technology for a little bit more money if it means that we will not be funding the rise of an empire that hates our country, the rise of an empire that hates its citizens.” 

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