Liberal Tries to Put Charlie Kirk On the Spot, Backfires Beautifully

Liberal Tries to Put Charlie Kirk On the Spot, Backfires Beautifully

At a recent debate hosted at the University of Arizona, TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk dropped a scientific bombshell — namely, that there are only two genders.

Kirk made this astonishing remark while discussing the issue of transgender bathrooms. He said that, while he “values [the] existence” of transgender people, there are just “two genders.” While “someone who was born a man can choose to live as a woman,” the fact of biological sex remains. Kirk went on to argue that to deny said fact “is wrong,” “nonbiological,” and “harmful to society.”

There Are Only Two Genders

HILARIOUS! College Leftist Is Severely Confused As To How Many Genders There Are! Charlie Kirk Clears Things Up! #BigGovSucks

Posted by Turning Point USA on Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Kirk also noted that transgender bathrooms can be a “local,” rather than “federal,” issue. Indeed, his answers showed that one can “value” the rights of transgender people while also refusing to believe in “47 genders.”

Less Gender Studies, More Genetics

Social justice activists will often cite genetic abnormalities as proof that gender is non-binary. If intersex people exist, surely gender exists along a spectrum!

Ironically, human genetic abnormalities prove quite the opposite. Take, for example, the social justice warrior’s go-to disorder: Klinefelter Syndrome. Zoey Thur mentioned Klinefelter during her debate with Ben Shapiro (before threatening to injure him physically).

In Klinefelter Syndrome, a baby is born with two X chromosomes and one Y. The result, of course, is not a non-binary other-kin, but a phenotypic male. Granted, men with Klinefelter may appear androgynous and suffer from infertility, among other issues, but they are undoubtedly men. Their Y chromosome makes it so.

However, your sex chromosomes determine much more than your gender. In some cases, a Y chromosome can mean the difference between life and death.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a sex-linked recessive disorder. In short, the mutant allele which causes DMD is found on the X chromosome. Hence, a carrier mother (XX) will pass it on to her sons (XY) 25% of the time.

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Women almost never suffer from DMD. Why? It’s simple: women have two X chromosomes. A carrier mother has a normal copy of the gene on her second X chromosome. Men are not so lucky. If a boy just so happens to inherit a “faulty” X from his mother, he will develop DMD. He will begin to experience muscle weakness by the age of four; by thirteen, he will likely be confined to a wheelchair. Up until very recently, most boys with DMD died before their twenties.

Up next: non-binary feminists argue that Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is socially constructed. Capitalism is also to blame.
PC: Wikimedia Commons / National Institutes of Health

Ultimately, a carrier mother’s daughters are saved by virtue of their biological sex. Now that’s feminist.

Karyotypes don’t care about your feelings

Indeed, your sex chromosomes determine much more than your gender. To reduce their significance in the name of identity politics is, as Kirk so eloquently put it, “anti-science.”

Karyotypes don't care about your feelings - or your 47 genders.
PC: Wikimedia Commons / National Human Genome Research Institute

Of course, we don’t need to study genetic abnormalities to know that sex is not socially constructed. A karyotype will reveal your biological sex, regardless of your feelings. On a karyotype, one’s autosomes and sex chromosomes are visualized. A female’s karyotype will reveal two X chromosomes; a male’s, one X and one Y.

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