On Saturday, May 11th, Vice President Mike Pence visited Liberty University and delivered the Class of 2019’s commencement speech.

Charlie Kirk, on the same day, received his Honorary Doctoral degree from Liberty U. 

In the commencement speech, Pence upheld traditional Christian beliefs, similar to what Kirk discusses in the second podcast episode “Why I Believe What I Believe” of The Charlie Kirk Show, and warns graduates of potential ridicule from the “Secular Left”.

In the speech, Vice President Pence discusses role of Christianity in the United States under the Constitution. The Vice President also states how “Anti-Christian animosity” is on the rise today and needs to be combatted. He proclaimed, “No one should ever fear for their safety in a place of worship.” and continues to say that attacks on people of all faiths must stop.

“Some of the loudest voices for tolerance today have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs,” the Vice President warned graduating seniors of the Christian university, according to The Washington Times.

“So as you go about your daily life, just be ready,” the Vice President continued. Pence believes that tolerance of inferiorities to faith lead to endorsements of inferiorities.

The Vice President challenged the graduates to embrace their faith despite mainstream backlash.

Watch VP Pence’s full commencement speech: 

On Monday, May 13th, Charlie Kirk was interviewed on “Fox and Friends First” to discuss the Vice President’s comments.

Charlie Kirk, like Vice President Pence, believes that he is a “Christian, American, and Conservative, in that order.”

Kirk especially credits those involved with Turning Point USA for giving students the opportunity to escape mainstream backlash on college campuses across the United States and President Trump for defending Christianity and vice versa.

On the topic of being tolerant towards others, Kirk says, “The most intolerant people in the world are those that preach tolerance. It’s the people who tell you how tolerant they are until you want to use your Bible peacefully.”

“They want to tell you how tolerant they are, until you say something that they disagree with. These people always tend to be on the Left.”

He concludes the interview by giving his support to the same sentiments as the Vice President: “This is something that is really concerning that needs to be talked about,” Kirk said. “And thank you to Vice President Mike Pence for making these amazing comments at Liberty University recently, because I don’t think that the struggle is going to go anywhere anytime soon.”

Watch the full FOX show 


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