Cinnabon apologizes for Carrie Fisher tweet

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Cinnabon has apologized for what it admits was an inappropriate tweet about Carrie Fisher, shortly after her death.

The internet and social media quickly filled with tributes to the Star Wars actress after her death on Tuesday.  In an effort to express their condolences, the Cinnabon company tweeted, “”RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy.”

Beneath the tweet was a drawing of Fisher’s iconic Star Wars character, Princess Leia, done in cinnamon shavings.  A cinnamon bun was used to depict her famous hair ringlets.

In the short time the tweet was up, many other twitter users complained about the racy note.

“Since we’re living in an Idiocracy, corporations use dead celebrity “tributes” as advertisements. Shame on you Cinnabon,” tweeted Mark Dice (@MarkDice).

Other users defended the tweet, claiming that Fisher, well-known to have a good sense of humor, would have appreciated the tribute.

On Wednesday, Cinnabon apologized for the tweet, assuring that it was “genuinely meant as a tribute.”

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