Cleveland Browns player Terrelle Pryor honors the troops on gameday

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Terrelle Pryor shakes the hands of those holding the American flag

Instead of conforming to the patterns of this world and taking a knee during the anthem, cornerback for the Cleveland Browns Terrelle Pryor decided to honor the country he loves so dearly by shaking the hands of the troops on the field. For the past few months, the NFL, along with ESPN, has been dropping in ratings and views due to their politically correct tone in the media world.

From firing hosts because of their own political statements, to supporting people like Colin Kaepernick and others who decide it’s better to kneel for the national anthem then to stand, it all seemed as if it was going down hill until players began to make a difference on the field. One of those players is Terrelle Pryor as seen in the video below:

Thank you, Terrelle, for standing for what you believe in and honoring those who stand for our freedom.

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