CNN Accuses Sean Hannity of Pulling a Gun on Juan Williams

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Just when most people did not think CNN could sink any lower in terms of their reporting, the news network proved people wrong on Thursday evening.

Dylan Beyers, a reporter at CNN, had an article published at 5:40 pm eastern time on March 16 that stated that Sean Hannity pulled a gun on his coworker, Juan Williams, after a heated debate on Hannity’s TV show. The incident allegedly took place in October of 2016.

Hannity released a statement on Thursday evening:

“While discussing the issue of firearms, I showed my good friend Juan Williams my unloaded firearm in a professional and safe manner for educational purposes only. Every precautionary procedure that I have been trained in since the age of 11 was followed. I’ve had a conceal carry permit in five states for all of my adult life. Any other interpretation of this is outright false reporting.”

Williams defends Hannity

Williams quickly got on twitter to defend Hannity after the story broke on Thursday evening. He sent out two tweets, saying that the incident was being sensationalized and he never felt like his life was in danger in the first tweet. Williams’ second tweet said it was clear that Hannity put his safety and security above all else and that they both continue to be great friends.

Hannity takes to twitter himself

Hannity also took to twitter and unloaded on Byers for the story on Thursday evening.  Byers told both Hannity and Williams that he stood by his reporting 110%. Hannity replied to Byers by calling him a fake news hack.  Hannity also said that CNN is just as hysterical and insane as Rachel Maddow.

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As the evening went on, a New York Post reporter decided to jump into the debate himself. John Podhoretz tweeted out that Hannity should be in jail for pulling a gun on Williams. Hannity quickly replied to Podhoretz, saying that the incident never happened. After telling Podhoretz to read Williams’ statement on the incident, Hannity told Podhoretz he could apologize in the morning.

Rough Week for the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has had a very rough week and this only adds to it.  On Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow claimed to have Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns. The returns she had showed Trump had an income of $150 million and paid $38 million in taxes. Trump’s tax rate that year was 25.3 %.

President Obama’s tax rate was 18.7% in 2015 and Bernie Sanders’ tax rate was 13.5% in 2014. With both Hannity and Williams saying the incident did not happen, it appears CNN took the bait on fake news the same way Rachel Maddow did on Tuesday night. Hannity said on Tuesday night that NBC is waging “corporate jihad” against President Trump.

This story by CNN is just another example of the mainstream media’s smear campaign against President Trump and his supporters. The mainstream media continues to lose trust from the American people and if they continue their actions they will lose what little trust seems to be left.

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