Colin Kaepernick Is Not Being Blackballed

NFL Colin Kaepernick Blackballed
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On just about every ESPN show this summer it has been a preconceived notion that Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed. The former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback still is not signed to an NFL team. Kaepernick infamously kneeled during the National Anthem before games last season. He did this because he was not pleased with the treatment of minorities in the United States. After the season ended Kaepernick became a free agent and said he would stand during the National Anthem next season.

Kaepernick On The Fee Agent Market

Kaepernick has only had a few teams interested in him since he became a free agent. The most interest came from the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, and Miami Dolphins. The Seahawks decided not to sign Kaepernick because of their current QB situation. Head Coach Pete Carroll said Kaepernick is a starter and current QB Russel Wilson currently has a long term contract with the team. The Ravens are undecided about signing Kaepernick. Ownership even asked their fans what their opinions were on signing him to back up Joe Flacco. An ESPN report last week said that the Ravens’ Head Coach and General Manager were fine with signing Kaepernick. However, owner Steve Bisciotti is opposed to making the move which is why it hasn’t happened yet.

Kaepernick and Miami

Earlier this week, the Miami Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to a contract to be their starting QB following Ryan Tannehill’s knee injury. Cutler has badly under performed during his career which makes his signing confusing. In addition to Cutler, the Dolphins considered Kaepernick and Tim Tebow. ESPN First Take host Stephen A. Smith went on a major rant, saying Cutler is the epitome of white privilege after signing with Miami.

Kaepernick And The Castro T-Shirt

Colin Kaepernick wears a t-shirt with Fidel Castro and Malcolm X on it

Kaepernick needs to look at some of his decisions last season as a reason he is not on an NFL roster. During a press conference last season, Kaepernick wore a t-shirt with Fidel Castro’s picture on it. Signing Kapernick after that incident would send a very bad message to an area populated by citizens with Cuban heritage. Some of those citizens suffered under the Castro regime and the Dolphins signing someone who showed support toward the Castro regime will send the wrong message to their fan base. Kaepernick was booed during a game in Miami last season for praising Castro.

More Reactions To Kaepernick

During Monday night’s episode of The Five, Greg Gutfeld’s monologue was on Kaepernick not having a job. Gutfeld and co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who are both 49ers fans, agree the team is better off without Kaepernick. Jesse Watters jumped in and said the Dolphins aren’t anti-black, they’re anti-idiot. Below is a clip of the block.

Ever since Kaepernick began his protest, Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren has consistently gone after him during her final thoughts segments. The clip below is her latest final thoughts segment on Kaepernick.

A United We Stand for Kaepernick is being promoted by Spike Lee in New York City and will take place on August 23 outside NFL Headquarters.

Will Kaepernick Have A Job This Season?

If a team needs a QB during the season we can all expect Kaepernick’s name to be mentioned. However, most fan bases and teams will probably be uncomfortable with signing him and he likely will not be signed. Kaepernick’s performance last year is another reason that he may not be signed. As a starter he went 1-10 and his yards per throw average was the second lowest of his career. Looking at Kaepernick’s declining performance the last two seasons it is unreasonable to say he is being blackballed. However, there are better options than Jay Cutler available.

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