Concealed Carry bill approved by Ohio lawmakers

Concealed Carry bill approved by Ohio lawmakers

Less than two weeks ago, tragedy struck Ohio State University, which resulted in eleven people being injured after Abdul Razak Ali Artan struck innocent lives with his car and proceeded to stab individuals on campus. In response to this horrifying incident, the argument for concealed carry has been brought to the forefront as a solution to combat these acts of terror.

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This Friday, a bill that aims to allow concealed carry on college campuses within Ohio was approved by the state’s lawmakers. The legislation will not allow licensed students to immediately carry guns onto their campus within Ohio, but it does allow university trustees to determine whether those attending each public institution should be given the ability to carry while on campus.

Reuters has reported other propositions of the bill, which include various other locations that it will allow for concealed carry to take place:

The legislation also removed a state ban on carrying a concealed weapon in public areas of airports and daycare centers, local media reported. Operators would be able to choose whether to prohibit guns in their buildings.

However, late on Thursday the House of Representatives removed provisions from the bill that would have allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons into government buildings such as libraries and city halls.

If the legislation is approved by Governor John Kasich, Ohio will be the eleventh state to allow concealed carry on campus.

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