Concordia University professor maliciously targets conservative student

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A student at Concordia University, a private Texas university, has recently had a run-in with a raging liberal professor.

Alexander Morissette approached his health professor, Adjunct Professor Kenneth Holley, regarding Holley’s socialist approach to grading.

I voiced my opinion at an incompetent “health” professor’s attempted socialist grading scale. He tried to silence me by removing me from the class.

I took it to the administrative faculty of the University and they ruled in my favor that he was:

1. Incompetent
2. Discriminatory
3. Not able to remove me from the class

Following his administrative reprimand he tried to seditiously evaluate me despite the high quality of my work. At the end of the semester I was given a B. The administrative faculty again reprimanded him and my B was remanded to an A.

Sadly this professor was not fired despite his incompetence and his history for predatory behavior towards his female students.

In a letter to the administration, Morissette told Hypeline News that among the professor’s responses to he was told to “Keep my uneducated opinions to myself.”

What do you think of this professor’s retaliation against this student?

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