Congressman Massie on how to successfully run for office

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Congressman Massie out of Kentucky spoke at Turning Point USA’s Winter in West Palm Beach last month. Massie gave his advice for young people looking to get into politics or run for office. Here are 9 tips from Congressman Massie if you want to run for office one day.

1. Write a letter to the editor 

Congressman Massie got his start in politics by writing to his local newspaper. Massie wrote an op-ed opposing a tax increase in his county. Getting involved in local politics is a great way to get a start in your political career. Write an op-ed for your newspaper, attend city council meetings or school board meetings and involve yourself in local politics.

2. Smile 

Showing people you are genuine is essential to winning over their vote. If you are always smiling and greeting people, people are more likely to trust you and more likely to vote for you. Always have a smile on your face when you are out and make it a genuine smile.

3. Be mindful of what you post on social media 

You should be careful of what you post on social media, especially at a young age. When you run for political office everything about you will be exposed. Therefore, make sure that you have a clean slate in regard to what you are choosing to post on social media.

4. Ask people for their vote 

When you are running for office, especially for lower offices, it is important to ask people for their vote. Massie stated that many times people will decide who they are voting for and stick to it when the politician asks them “will you vote for me?” Massie also notes it is also important to be talking to people who actually vote. When you meet someone while campaigning ask them, “where do you vote?” or “where is your voting precinct located?” If they do not know move along because chances are they do not vote.

5. Make sure you vote 

Although people can not tell who you vote for, they can tell if you voted. Remember to vote in every election because it is essential to have a record of voting if you want people to vote for you.

6. Work on another campaign 

Working on another politicans campaign will give you the knowledge and experience that you will need when you decide to run for office one day. As well as giving you the connections you will need to people in the field.

7. Don’t screw up your personal finances

You don’t have to be rich to be run for office but you do have to give up time when you are running for office. You will therefore lose income because you are spending so much time campaigning instead of working. Remember to be in a stable place with your income and finances before you decide to run for office.

8. Raise Money 

It is important to have money behind you when you run for office. If you do not have any money backing you, people will not take you seriously. Look people in the eye and ask them for not only their vote but also their donations.

9. Don’t expect any help from the media 

The media is not likely to be your friend while campaigning so do not expect them to help you in any way during your run for office.

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