Conservative Student Paper Called ‘Propaganda’ By Publication Committee Chair

Conservative Student Paper Called ‘Propaganda’ By Publication Committee Chair

“Propaganda” is a word that gets tossed around both to criticize political manipulation, but also to insult opposition. The Wake Forest Review is a conservative student-run newspaper at Wake Forest University, and it learned this firsthand after it recently came under attack by the chair of the publication committee, Remi Lanzoni.

Addressing claims of ‘propaganda’

Lanzoni, a professor at Italian at the university, criticized the student newspaper as being “negative and divisive” and “propaganda” in an email following a late September publication committee meeting.

It is important to note that The Wake Forest Review is actually independent of the university and did not have representation at the meeting. It was reviewed at the publication committee because one committee member praise its quality compared to student publications officially recognized by the university.

According The Wake Forest Review, Lanzoni wrote in an email that the student paper’s “content and delivery is problematic for an endorsement on a college campus.” Following the on-the-record criticism from the professor, The Wake Forest Review cited the incident as a major reason for why the paper has avoided seeking official recognition by the university.

Digital Editor of The Wake Forest Review, Ryan Wolfe, told The College Fix:

“Wake Forest Review made a choice to be independent anticipating something like this. I don’t think we want to paint all professors or administration in one broad stroke, but we did know there were going to be some bad apples.”

Wolfe also claims suspicion that Lanzoni would potentially hold the power to “discriminate against what organizations get chartered and which ones do not based on the point of view they express” — which is a massive manifestation of bias against opposing ideas on college campuses by leftist faculty and staff.

Posted by Wake Forest University on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Robert Bliss, a business professor at the university who is also on the publication committee, told The College Fix that this incident was the only time in the past two years that the publication committee met to discuss its work. He claims that the meeting only last half an hour and consisted of little discussion.

Bliss also commented on the article covering the incident by The Wake Forest Review. He stated that “the university administration should seek to be more inclusive and expand the tent of student publications.”

The Wake Forest Review also released a statement on the incident that stated:

“Professor Lanzoni represents a number of faculty on this campus that are close-minded and want to void Wake Forest University of any opinion that is contradictory to their progressive agenda. Faculty like him represent the reason Wake Forest Review exists: balancing the conversation inside and outside of the classroom.”

Do you think that professors should criticize unrecognized student activities? Should The Wake Forest Review seek recognition by the university?

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