Conservative Woman Harassed by Rosie O’Donnell and Fans

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Being a conservative woman is not easy. Something that sets us apart from liberal women is we do not play the victim card. We know we have endless opportunities in this country and being a woman does not limit us from setting our goals. However, it can be hard when you feel like there are more people against you than with you.

Liberal women sit behind their computer screens playing games that involve throwing President Trump off a cliff, while throwing insults at people who disagree with them. Unfortunately, I have experienced this for myself.

Rosie O’Donnell fires back

I recently caught vocal Trump critic, Rosie O’Donnell’s attention on Twitter by asking her a question after she made comments toward Kim Jung-on regarding her dislike for President Trump. She responds by telling me to read a book, implying I’m not educated.

rosie o'donnell conservative twitter

I quote her response and tweet about Rosie failing to answer my question. To my surprise, she responds again. This time, she tells me I was too young to be a Trump supporter and I need to define myself.

rosie o'donnell conservative twitter

By this point, I am being bombarded with hate from her fans. They make jabs at my age, calling me a child, while they are oblivious to the fact that being young doesn’t make my opinions and beliefs less valid. In fact, being young is an ideal time to form your own ideas through experiences. Trust me, there are plenty of experiences you’ll have being a conservative on a college campus. Being a strong, conservative woman made me a target to them. As conservative women, we need to be aware of this, but take it in stride. They are afraid of us for a reason.

Listen up, ladies!

Here’s a little word of advice to my conservative ladies out there: Don’t worry if you don’t fit the “feminist” description of 2017. Keep respecting men, because we don’t have to tear the man down in order to find success. Liberal women call me out for “not being a real woman” because I am not fighting for women’s rights. However, I don’t fight for women’s rights, because women have rights.

Straight to the facts

Women try to make the claim that they are being discriminated against and that’s why there is a wage gap, but I do not buy it. There is a slight pay gap, but, it is not due to gender discrimination. The slight gap is only due to the career fields men and women tend to go into, it is all due to skills and preferences. Men tend to go into career fields that make more money. According to PayScale’s report, Gap Analysis: What Equal Pay Day Gets Wrong, “The largest controlled pay gap is found in the Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction industry, a historically male-dominated industry where women make about 7 percent less than men for doing the same job. The smallest controlled gap is in the Educational Services industry, where women earn about half-a-percent less than men on average.” Ladies, you cannot fix the gap by whining about sexism. However, you can fix it by going into those jobs.

With all that being said, we must understand that there are a lot of people against conservative women. Liberal women hate us because we don’t have to play the victim card to get what we want. Liberal men hate us because we have a powerful voice and refuse to be silenced despite what they tell us. We need to continue to hold our heads high and trust our guts. Ignore the background noise and focus on achieving your goals. That’s what being a conservative woman is all about.

Have you faced any backlash for being a conservative? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. How does she know your age? Unless you have your age posted on your profile, or lie about it, no one knows your real age.
    As far as looking at a profile pic, that means nothing. It could be a pic of your child or anyone or anything!
    However, with that being said, bringing up the age of a person has really nothing to do with the person’s political stance. Rosie should know this by now at ‘HER AGE’!
    She’s just another one of them people whom if you do not agree with them, well you know….

  2. Rosie did the same thing to me. In the ‘Ask Ro’ section of her website, I asked how she could spew such hatred to our president, while reaching out in friendship to a murderous dictator. It was a legitimate question. Her response was to tell me that I am F#cking nuts. She closed by calling me ‘Moronathon.’
    No answer to my question – just profanity and name-calling. Classy, right?


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