Are Conservatives Becoming Snowflakes Too?

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There is something I must admit: I HATE the term ‘snowflake’. I get that it is 100 percent accurate; after all, snowflakes and liberals tend to be similar in the fact that when they experience heat, they absolutely lose their chill.

I find the term silly, a bit juvenile, and unintelligent, but I understand why it’s used. However, after a couple of years of liberals finding themselves titled ‘snowflakes’ relentlessly, I have been picking up on a common trend:

They’re flipping the term around and calling conservatives snowflakes.

The reasoning I’ve heard goes something like, “Well, conservatives complain when things happen to them too, so if we’re snowflakes, they’re definitely snowflakes.” Or, “Conservatives talk about how they’re silenced on campus all the time.”

I’ve been listening to this fed up attempt to flip things around from the left, growing more and more amused as I do so. However, at some point, I should stop simply listening and start to chime in with some points. Thus, the question that must be answered is, “Are conservatives snowflakes too?”

The answer, after observing and listening, is no.

The stipulation must be made that not all liberals are alike and not all conservatives are alike. There are certainly bold and reasonable liberals just as there are whiny, violent, aggressive, and unfactual conservatives. We are addressing the groups and their reputations, typical tactics, and widely used rhetoric, not the anomalous individuals within.

Nobody should be calling somebody a snowflake for complaining about valid discrimination, silencing, or threats of physical harm (or anything similar). Those things are never okay, no matter which group they’re coming from. However, snowflake status is handed out in response to how you handle opinions you disagree with and diversity of thought.

The overarching reputation of the left’s response toward differing opinions and intellectual diversity is one of aggression and silencing. The rioting at Evergreen State College of the University of California-Berkeley are two great examples. Another example is the “Not My President” surge of hate and angry rhetoric, one that lacked any actual substance or fact and accomplished nothing as a response to results the left did not like.

Graffiti from Berkeley riots. PC: The Blaze

Instead of boldly standing up for what they believe in when it is questioned, so frequently you see liberals start running for their safe spaces, spewing words like ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, and ‘bigot’ as they go.

The overarching reputation of the right? Although you have some terrible representatives who think that speech or opinions that are different than their own should be silenced, the bulk of conservatives firmly believe that if you support free speech, that includes speech you disagree with, even hate speech if it is not threatening physical harm to another person.

When conservatives face opinions they disagree with, the challenge is welcomed. After all, Ben Shapiro’s mantra of, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” is absolutely true. If we’re using facts, why won’t our arguments hold up?

To determine if conservatives are snowflakes, with the evidence we’ve seen on campuses and in culture, we must ask a simple question: what is the response to discrimination or opposing views? Is it violent, aggressive, and emotionally based? Or, does it come from a place of determination, facts, and reason?

Time after time, I have witnessed conservatives around me and at large stand up to discrimination in a factual, reasoned manner. Whether that meant suing their campus for their right to free speech instead of rioting, calmly and peacefully protesting instead of allowing protests marked by violence, or using statistics to back their arguments instead of their own feelings, conservatives stand up under pressure.

We don’t melt. We’re not snowflakes. In fact, conservatives are quite the opposite, because for us, the old Reagan quote stands true: “If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

We’re absolutely willing to bring the heat via facts, reason, and our Constitutional rights. It’s up to the left whether or not they’ll melt under the pressure. Liberals, you don’t have to fit the ‘snowflake’ stereotype; rise out of it. 

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