Cops mistake cat litter for meth in Harris County, Texas

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This past December in Harris County, Texas, a seemingly huge bust was executed.  Sheriff’s Deputies pulled over Ross Lebeau near his home. Lebeau admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana which the deputies had already claimed they could smell. They then detained their suspect and proceeded to search his entire vehicle.

Lebeau was detained and held in a jail cell after officers found “252 grams” of meth in his possession.  Lebeau said he had no idea how that was in his vehicle.  The importance of “routine traffic stops” was touted throughout the community for the upcoming days.

The suspect’s mugshot and a picture of the “narcotics” were released to the public as well.

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A press release by the Harris County Sheriff’s Dept. said the following:

“This is another example how a routine traffic stop turned into a significant narcotics arrest in our community and may have kept our children and loved ones free from being introduced to drugs.”

He went on to congratulate his officers: 

“Deputy Aguilar and other deputies are challenged on a daily basis to enforce the law using not only their knowledge and expertise, but their powers of observation to take criminals off the street.”

There was one problem: once the supposed meth was sent to the lab it was found to actually be cat litter.

LeBeau’s “meth stash”  was merely a supply of cat litter that his father gave him to reduce fog in his car.  Sadly the first two tests by the crime lab were inconclusive, a sign that their equipment needs replaced, according to Lebeau’s attorney. In the meantime, Lebeau says he has spent considerable time and effort clearing his name after the incident.  While police had toted the incident as a reason for more “routine traffic stops”, Lebeau says it is a reason they should not spend so much time and effort on victimless crimes.

LeBeau appeared on Houston’s local conservative The Michael Berry Show, and you can hear his interview below:

To this date police Harris county sheriff’s department have not apologized for wrongfully arresting Lebeau although he told ABC news he would like an apology.   He lost his job as a result of the incident and is still working to clear his name and find another job.

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