DACA Students To Get $30 Million From California

DACA Students To Get $30 Million From California


After President Trump’s decision to end the DACA program, many students are understandably concerned about their future.

SACREMENTO — The governor of California, Jerry Brown, announced that state legislative leaders have decided to provide $30 million in funding for DACA students.

$30 million for DACA

California lawmakers have agreed to give $30 million to DACA recipients in the state, including $10 million in financial aid for college. A press release on Tuesday said that Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, along with Californian’s legislative leaders decided after President Donald Trump’s decision to stop the program.

governor jerry brown and lawmakers fighting against trump's daca decision
Democratic Governor Jerry Brown announces that California will give $30 million to DACA students.

According to Campus Reform, Senate President Tempore Kevin de Leon said that they would “not let one man with xenophobic tendencies undercut years of progress we have made in California to integrate these young adults into our society and economy.”

Leon added that California was these peoples’ home and “they are our future.”

Two-thirds of the $30 million will help provide DACA recipients with legal assistance, while the rest will fund financial aid for community college students, California State students, and students at the University of Califonia.

California fights back against Trump

The announcement came just days after the University of California System President Janet Napolitano announced that she was suing Trump’s administration to rescind his decision to cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The program granted over 800,000 young people across America with temporary deportation protection and work permits.

Napolitano issued a press release saying that the students who will be affected “embody the American Dream and represent the best of our country.” She added that “The University is thankful and confident that this additional state funding will help our Dreamers achieve their ambitious educational goals.”

Anthony Rendon, the Democratic Assembly Speaker, said that the $30 million donated to these “Dreamer” students will “provide answers” and help these young people “stay in the only country they’ve ever known.”

He also said that while “Trump may love chaos,” that “these kids” didn’t deserve what he was doing to them.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon doesn't believe students deserve what Trump is doing
Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon doesn’t believe students deserve what Trump is doing.

California state leaders are working hard to fight against Trump’s administration’s efforts to expand immigration enforcement and increase deportation orders, The LA Times reported.

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