DACA: A Possible Trump Blunder?

DACA: A Possible Trump Blunder?

Though the slogan may be gimmicky, it is absolutely true, Trump sold us his vision: to make America great again.

But, wait, what happened? Are we losing our chance?

Where is the change in foreign policy? Where is proportional tax? Where is the repeal in Obamacare? Where are our term limits? Where is the general restoration of order that we long for?

Before Donald J. Trump started the first day of his presidency, I had a fleeting thought, that, no matter what is achieved and what isn’t, at least we would have a president who echoed us and our needs. Now after about seven months, I see how stupid and pointless this sentiment was.

The recent, empty move of “striking down” Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has made me become angry and upset. I am actually disappointed. No, it is not enough to be sentimentally patriotic and sell to the public that you “represent” us, President Trump, you must actually, actively pursue bold moves. We know that the media hates you, but, come on!

On September 5th, Trump officially “struck down” DACA. “Struck” is a very safe, and not very honest word. He pushed DACA to the side and now it’s adrenaline is rushing as it’s gearing up to knock him out.

The symbolism may not be very effective, however, this move by the Trump administration could be counterintuitive, as it could in fact strengthen DACA. Instead of purely shutting down the Obama amnesty program, or leaving it up to the courts, instead, President Trump shifted the burden to congress in order to stay out of the issue. While getting DACA out of the hands of the Executive branch is the constitutionally correct move, and needed to be done regardless of method, this particular choice can be very dangerous, politically.

By leaving the amnesty program open to a congress full of RINOs and progressives, who are thirsty to make themselves feel like “humanitarians”, it is very easy to see why we should be worried about DACA being turned into a concrete law. The possibility is that DACA could be reframed and revitalized into a new program and stretched even further than it originally did under the Executive branch. 

This move by Trump, has been seen as a way of seeking compromise from congress for the wall, or as a way to appease those who believe that DACA is unconstitutional only in the method of it’s implementation, not in it’s substance. These notions are very much echoing what Ben Shapiro described in his recent podcast.

In all, this is a dangerous move on Trump’s part, because he is being dishonest to his base, while handing free leverage to liberals, without receiving anything, nothing, in return. The true danger in Trump’s latest move is that he is very unlikely to receive a compromise on the wall, or any other legislations, like tax reform, just because of his free give away to congress. Why would they ever thank him for being handed a free, powerful weapon of opportunity?

While Trump explicitly made this move on the grounds of constitutionality, which is very novel, rightfully just and should be applauded, politically it could weaken his ability for progress in Washington.

In the future, we can expect a proposal for an infrastructure bill. While it has been posed to be a well thought-out bill that would reinvigorate the economy, it is rooted in pure Keynesianism, an obvious draw back for conservatives. The proposal would actually be tolerable, if the Trump administration could have coupled it with a win on immigration reform or an Obamacare repeal. However, the potential blunder with DACA, and the mystery revolving around what congress will do with it’s newfound opportunity, it could be best to forget about the infrastructure bill (depending on the budget it would require), and focus instead on achieving security in our most important interests, like, a balanced budget and tax reform! Wow! Fiscal conservatism, what a strange, new concept!

Can we finally have the so called “conservatives” in Washington at least try to represent their constituents, or will their legacy just be known as those who try to hold back progressive agenda, without proposing anything themselves?

Can we for once be the policy proposers and act toward securing our interests? What about “taking our country back” is so hard to understand?

Instead of walking around with cool t-shirts, creating memes, and joking about liberal (ir)rationality, can we start actually making America great again?

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