In a recent TPUSA QnA,  Dan Crenshaw was asked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent statements about the VA, saying, “If it (the VA) ain’t broke don’t fix it.” He was also asked about Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to have the government pay off student loan debt.  Specifically, the proposal would pay off student loan debt up to $50,000 if you make less than $100,000 annually.


Crenshaw responded by saying, “What you’re basically saying is that people who chose to take out a loan, they did that cost benefit [analysis]… They said I’m going to make that choice, I’m going to take out a loan. I’m going to pay it back.  Now [you’re] telling the rest of Americans, many of which do not have a college degree, that their tax dollars have to go toward repaying that.”

“That’s fundamentally unfair, it’s fundamentally regressive as well”

Crenshaw also added that “it’s not affordable either.  We’re gonna have to raise our [taxes]. Somebody has to pay for this stuff.”

He then switched gears to speak about the fact that doing this would devalue having an education.

“I think a big part of it is when something is free to you, you just don’t value it as much”

Crenshaw said that this is more of a cultural thing, and it would be hard to fix with policy.  It is just an inevitability of something being free.

About what Ocasio-Cortez said about the VA, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Crenshaw said that the statement was “just purely based on ignorance.”

He said that there is a very bad regulatory environment in the VA that makes it hard for individual administrators to “get the job done.”

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Crenshaw said that the VA isn’t asking for more money, “they’re asking for more flexibility, and more predictability in their funding, and I think we can give them that.”

He spoke about the Mission Act, which was passed in the last congress. what this act does is give veterans the choice to go to a private practitioner if the care they need can’t be attained in the VA.

Dan Crenshaw plans on having more events like this hosted “all over Texas” according to a recent Instagram post.

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