Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) joined Turning Point USA on campus at Arizona State University on Wednesday, April 24.

The event, which was hosted byTPUSA’s ASU chapter, gathered hundreds of students and onlookers to listen to Crenshaw speak about the increase of support for socialism in young people.

Crenshaw started his outdoor lecture by explaining that many young people who support socialism do not truly know or understand what socialism entails, pointing to a survey where supporters agreed with socialism but, at the same time, called for smaller government.

Advertisement poster of ASU’s “Crenshaw vs Socialism” event

Crenshaw said socialists and his fellow legislators on the left are engrossed and focusing too heavily on inequality:

“If your focus is always on inequality, you are always going to get to a conversation like we’re having today,” Crenshaw said. “Which is that totalitarian socialism is the only way to solve all of your problems.”

The congressman also decried identity politics, calling them an “unsustainable culture narrative” cultivated by the left.

“the only colors that should matter are red, white and blue.”

According to The State Press of ASU, Ryan Wilson, a senior studying innovation in society, attended the event even though he does not share strong socialist views:

“I view myself as a moderate, although I lean more right,” Wilson said. “I want to see what their views on it are, then I’ll form my own thoughts.”

Hundreds of other students joined Wilson, surrounding Congressman Crenshaw and his “Socialism Will Destroy My Generation” poster.

Crowd of onlookers as Rep. Crenshaw lectures on dangers of socialism

Crenshaw is a rising star in the conservative movement, having been elected in the 2018 midterms. A wave of socialism crashed on Americans with the 2016 primary campaign of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. That wave only grew larger as congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) was elected with Crenshaw.

According to the chair of Arizona’s Federation of College Republicans and political science sophomore Judah Waxelbaum, “[Crenshaw] got involved in politics fairly recently and he is, in layman’s terms, the Republican Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, our version of this young congressional class that’s swept the nation.”

“I would consider him the future of the Republican party,” Waxelbaum continued.

 A member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America at ASU, Jake Morris, attended the event; however, he had a few concerns:

“When people attribute millions of deaths to socialism, it is a very vague sort of a number,” Morris said. “How is that measured? What specifically is killing people? Did socialism actually contribute to those numbers?”

Morris denounced the argument socialism is to blame for millions of deaths across the world, saying that the one cannot accurately account for the cause of death in those countries.

When socialist students or bystanders – such as Morris – were asked to come forward with questions or debate material, no one answered the call. One student did, however, call both Crenshaw and TPUSA ‘Nazis’ before running back into the crowd.

Scrrenshot/Twitter; Rep. Crenshaw speaks to crowd at ASU

Nevertheless, the event was successful! As the Turning Point USA chapter tweeted, “We couldn’t think of a better way to end the semester”!

Scrrenshot/Twitte; Rep. Crenshaw speaks to large audience at ASU

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