Yesterday, June 6th, 2019, Dana Loesch made an appearance at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas. She greeted the crowd of 1,300 young conservative women with, “It smells like freedom in Texas!”

Dana Loesch spent a majority of her speech time speaking on the harms that toxic masculinity and feminism pose to both young women and men.

“What toxic masculinity really is, is chivalry. The chivalry of men to protect oneself and one’s family.”

Dana Loesch believes that feminism is causing more harm than good. She stated, “Feminism has failed in raising strong men.” Loesch stated that strong women empower men to become more strong.

Worse yet, Dana Loesch disagrees with a societal standard put in place by modern feminism that, as being a woman, you must continuously fight against men. Strong woman and not hating men are not mutually exclusive. She believes there should not have to be a  choice between being associated with men and having dignity.

Dana Loesch begian a discussion later in her speech concerning Conservative women being portrayed as something they are not in leftist media.

Loesch believes it should not be up to the press to decide who Conservative women are. She stated, “It is a disservice of the press to stereotype women.” Perpetually telling women they are weak will only continue to make women feel that they are weak.

Loesch continued her speech by prompting the crowd of strong women with one question: “Do you feel stereotyped by the press?” Hundreds of hands shot in the air in affirmation of her words.

Loesch devoted time to talk about how the press stereotypes conservative women to a point of demonization. While in actuality, Loesch believes it is the left and leftist mainstream media that is coaxing women into thinking they are not strong.

“All of these women are demonized for being Pro-America, Pro-Liberty, and Pro-Constitution.” 

Loesch based the remainder of her time on stage to highlight the importance of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

Loesch began, “Soldiers at Normandy must have felt like they have just been dropped off at the gates of hell… but they kept going, kept pushing forward. There is such unimaginable bravery in that.”

She touched on the change in American culture over time. She believes that today, there is not such bravery present in society. She thinks women need to continue to fight as the soldiers at Normandy once did.

Loesch believes that these men fought true fascism and totalitarianism. Different ideas used to be accepted. Loesch said that they did not fight just to have Americans censored today for saying their opinions.

Loesch concluded with one final urgence for the attendees: to continue to fight to be seen as strong, to be heard, and to not let stereotypes ring true.

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