Dear President Obama

Damon Winter for NYT
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Dear President Obama, 

I was 12 when you were sworn in. I had joined my parents in support for McCain, and I was told you were trouble. Yet, I was only watching my parents’ politics, not really holding my own opinions. 

Over the past eight years, I have watched you ruin this country. I’ve watched race relations be completely destroyed. You speak peace, but you support the actions of those who are for anything else. Your support of Black Lives Matter, of those who would murder our policemen in the streets, speaks volumes about the direction you really desire for this country. 

I’ve watched you stand, tall and proud, to be our first African American president. This is an accomplishment, and you have every right to be proud. Yet, all you’ve used it to do is try and point out how ‘diverse’ Democrats are compared to Republicans (a totally false assumption when you crack open a history textbook) and push your flawed social agenda by flaunting your race card. You could have done so much more, but you didn’t. 

You’ve attempted to make owning a weapon and defending yourself as difficult as possible. In an incredible display that lacked knowledge, you let the world know that you thought it was easier to get your hands on a Glock than on a book. Shouldn’t the leader of this country know better? You’ve helped create victims out of every man, woman, and child, refusing to look at statistical data that shows gun ownership reducing crime.

PC: Shot in the Dark

It is painful to watch how hard you fight the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’. Not only have you helped jihadists accomplish their mission and lent your indirect support to Islamic terror groups worldwide, but you have compromised our national security. What a legacy-you should be proud.

And finally, I have watched the disaster that is ObamaCare RUIN health care in this country. You made it practically impossible for my self-employed father to purchase health insurance for our family, and have created such a mess that one after the other, the majority of my mother’s employers couldn’t afford to provide health insurance for their employees. You have ruined market competition, ruined health insurance effectiveness, skyrocketed prices, and penalized those who couldn’t afford the mess you got this country into.

Obama’s signature legalizing ObamaCare. PC: ObamaCare Facts

Eight years ago, I thought you were going to be an awful president because I was told that was the case. Today, I know your legacy as leader of the free world, and I stand here, now a young politico, in complete agreement with my 12 year old self. You were a mess, your policies and unconstitutional actions were a disaster, and January 20th, 2017, is the End of an Error. 

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