Dear “Tolerant” Leftists: You are the Fascists, Not Us

Dear “Tolerant” Leftists: You are the Fascists, Not Us

Dear “Tolerant” Leftists,

Congratulations on shutting down the Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Davis. I hope you are all real proud of yourselves.

Unfortunately, you social justice warriors and your pretentious professors who have no life skills yet act like they are the love child of Albert Einstein and Plato have turned American universities into indoctrination zones and re-education camps, if you will, of cultural Marxism thought.

You “tolerant” leftists sit there on your ivory towers barring someone you don’t like of their freedom of assembly, while decrying him as a fascist, not “facist” (see video below). Do you even see the irony of your actions? Of course not.

As long as the university cowers down to your intimidation tactics, you will continue to assault, harass, vandalize, and threaten any speaker who opposes your social justice positions even if the speaker isn’t necessarily a conservative. SJW treatment of Christina Hoff Sommers is an excellent example of this.

While many of you think you’re doing the lord’s work by causing chaos over the appearance of a “fascist”, “racist”, “sexist” or any other illogical ad hominem you can think of, the only thing your accomplishing is making a fool of yourself. Your actions are not a platform for change or social justice. Rather, they serve as a platform for fascism, the very thing you claim to be speaking out against.

Your “peaceful protests” are not Martin Luther King’s walk to Selma or one of Gandhi’s famous hunger strikes. You are not like the student who stood in front of a tank at Tiananmen Square. Your actions are more in tune with members of the Nazi Party standing in front of Jewish owned businesses while threatening anyone who tried to enter with a beating. Furthermore, activists like Martin Luther King fought actual social injustice, bigotry, and oppression, the only thing you are fighting against is the idea that higher education shouldn’t be a four year liberal think tank.

In spite of your deplorable actions (genuinely deplorable, rather than Hillary Clinton’s version of the word), the conservatives are the fascists and the bigots. Really?

Were conservatives the ones burning down an entire city block because Hillary or Bernie came to town?

Were conservatives the ones who protested when a liberal activist spoke to their school?

Were conservatives the ones who called men like Dr. Ben Carson and Sheriff David Clarke called racial epithets like “Uncle Tom” because they didn’t confirm to identity politics?

Not only are your actions hypocritical to the highest extent but you make sane liberals look bad as well. And if you think for one second that average Americans are NOT turned off by you snowflakes, then remember who is getting inaugurated as President this week and who is not.


A Highly Exasperated College Conservative.


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