DePaul Provost lies in Chicago Tribune about Ben Shapiro event

DePaul Provost lies in Chicago Tribune about Ben Shapiro event

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune published a letter to the editor from DePaul provost Marten denBoer, which responded to an editorial from the Tribune critical of  the university’s decision to prevent conservative commentator Ben Shapiro from speaking at the university.

denBoer, however, created his own narrative of what happened. He wrote, “DePaul agrees that bringing diverse voices to our students’ consideration is at the heart of a liberal arts education. Speakers, however, are not welcome to schedule themselves, nor are student groups permitted to schedule events withotu sufficient advance notice”.

In writing this, denBoer implies that the Young Americans for Freedom group at DePaul decided to bring Shapiro to campus at the last minute, which  isn’t true. In fact,  the group did go through the process to bring Shapiro, starting this summer.

The university of course knows this, because they banned Shapiro from campus in August.  In an e-mail to the DePaul chapter, Bob Janis, who runs the facilities operations for the university wrote, as noted in Shapiro’s website The Daily Wire, “Given the experiences and security concerns that some other schools have had with Ben Shapiro speaking on their campuses, DePaul cannot agree to allow him to speak on our campus at this time.”

DePaul did not respond to multiple requests for comment.