Deplorable Radio: Conservative College Show Banned from University Airways

Deplorable Radio: Conservative College Show Banned from University Airways

At the University of Minnesota-Morris, the once popular conservative radio show called Deplorable Radio was recently banned from the airways, and even after a request for review, it is still not able to be broadcasted. Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann are the student hosts, and though UMM is claiming that the show was barred due to station violation, Albrecht and Lehmann believe their show was removed because of their conservative beliefs.

The controversy began on October 25th when a KUMM listener called into the station and reported that the hosts were ‘slurring their speech’ and ‘appeared to be intoxicated.’ The station, being University ran and funded, took this allegation very seriously, and began listening a bit closer to the show for the next week or so. Albrecht told The College Fix that those accusations were completely false and that the students were “100% sober,” at the time.

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Then, on the 30th of October, while KUMM staff were listening in to the show to see if another case of slurred speech may occur, they were caught on air using the word ‘tranny,’ which sparked an immediate response from the university PD. Albrecht stated that they indeed said that word on air, and that “about fifteen minutes later the student station manager came into the studio with a UMMPD officer and told us to leave.” The station manager stated that they “had violated FCC law by saying a word that was never allowed on air,” and the students were asked to immediately pack their things up and leave the station.

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It wasn’t until about two weeks after that fact that Albrecht and Lehmann were called into the station office and were told that they “were permanently suspended from the radio by executive decision.” The station manager, Carter Young, told the two students that they would be allowed to submit a request for review the following semester for consideration on reinstating their show. The students chose to go through with this, however, their attempts have fallen short, and Deplorable Radio is still banned from the university.

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UMM claims that there were several violations that the show had been ‘caught’ for, like failing to play two required songs, being intoxicated on the air (which was never confirmed), and using offensive and illegal speech on the show. According to Albrecht, the station “failed to mention that the other reasons they came up with to suspend us were only found out after we had already been suspended.” He continued, stating that the students had “audio of the meeting where they suspended us, and they never said a word about Spinitron, 2 new songs, etc.”

“We are still banned from the radio, but they never held a vote to kick us out like they said they would,” Albrecht stated. It is unclear at this time whether or not the students plan on taking any sort of legal action against the school.

Do you believe that the college station was discriminating against Deplorable Radio because of their conservative views? What do you think about the FCC’s laws against using words like ‘Tranny?’ Let us know in the comments below!

(H/T: The College Fix)