Dismantling your own social movement 101

Dismantling your own social movement 101

So you want to start a social movement that will bring about change. Wonderful! There are so many things you could do. Among them, meet with local community and state leaders, create a successful media outreach program, target local venues where you would encounter many people in order to talk to individuals about your cause, or even civilly protest in a respectable way that makes people want to stand with you and brings light to your cause.

These are just a few examples that would help you achieve any sort of social change you want. In order for a social movement to be successful, it must be worthy of respect, factual, strategic, respectable, compelling, and find the right mix of caustic and compassionate. It takes work, but if you are smart, you will see change occur.

That is, unless, you ignore all strategy, reason, or intellect and decide to start dismantling your social movement instead of building it.

As simple as it is to build a successful social movement, dismantling one is even more so. To begin, you start to fuel your arguments off of heated emotions, divisiveness, and hatred. You also ignore all strategy and start using criminal activity, childish actions, and riots in order to try and make your voice heard. Hitting the lowest of lows and having drawn hateful lines in the sand, you dehumanize, torture, or kill those who have differing views, skin color, or values.

Sound familiar?

There could be a class called ‘Dismantling Your Own Social Movement 101’, but I don’t think we need it anymore. We just have to look at a little group called Black Lives Matter.

PC: The Federalist

BLM could have followed in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr. They could have used reason, facts, and strategy to argue for criminal justice reform and to bring the remaining pieces of racism in this country to light. Is that what they did?

Hell no.

Acting as a wonderful example of how to dismantle your own social movement, BLM’s very foundation is built on a lie: ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’. Going on from there, they abandoned all semblance of intellect or reason and resorted to hateful division, rioting, and childish demands that were absolutely ridiculous. Recently, they’ve turned an even darker corner.

In the past year, BLM has become a group that encourages murder of law enforcement officers. They’ve promoted the abuse and violence toward Trump voters. In this past week, as a grim reminder of the group’s true violence, four people following BLM rhetoric kidnapped an autistic man who was a Trump supporter, and live-streamed his torture for 48 hours.

The four kidnappers/torturers. PC: CNN

Yes, BLM has become in and of itself a lesson on how to dismantle a movement, avoid change. The movement is horrific and doesn’t work for change; truly, it has turned into a domestic terror group. Use their movement as an example of everything you shouldn’t do when trying to make a difference in this country.


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