Charlie Kirk brought his infamous ‘Campus Clash’ tour to Penn State University on Tuesday April 23rd.

This was one of the largest events yet, with over 2,000 students registered.  The reason for such a crowd was the big name guest appearances, those being Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Students waited in the rain for hours to get in, lining up well past the entrance to the Thomas Building.

The mood at the event was tense, with officers having to escort multiple people out of the room. These people were heckling the speakers, and trying to disrupt the event by shouting over them.

A group of four students made loud remarks throughout when Trump began speaking. They said they were happy to be kicked out and were there to “have a good time and yell at people because it is fun disrupting events.” They declined to give their names.

Donald Trump Jr commented on the Mueller Report, saying, “Mueller and his team of leftist lawyers, they’ve accomplished a big part of their goal. In the 2018 midterms they were able to hold this hoax, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by the American people, they were able to hold that over the head of the sitting president as a negative.”

He also praised the economy under President Trump, stating, “There is literally not a single economic metric where we are not better off today than we were three years ago under President Obama.”

The speakers closed out the night by answering questions from the crowd. There weren’t any dissenting questions asked.  Whether this was because all dissenters were escorted out for heckling – or because of the amount of supporters who registered – is unclear.

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