Duke University Prohibits Individual Roommate Selection

Duke University Prohibits Individual Roommate Selection

Duke University has made it mandatory that students who live on campus are now allowed to select their own roommates. The university feels like the students will pick people similar to their own beliefs, backgrounds, perspectives, etc.


Campus Reform cited a letter written by Vice President of Student Affairs, Larry Moneta, and Dean and Provost for Undergraduate Education, Steven Nowicki stating:


While this may make the transition to college seem somewhat easier, we’ve also seen that this can work against your having the best educational and social experience in the long term. For that reason, we’ve reached the conclusion that a random assignment of roommates would be the best approach and we are letting you know that your class will receive random roommate assignments.”


The letter is addressing the incoming freshman coming in for the year 2022. According to the letter, accommodations will be made for students regarding sleep schedules, medical needs, and other special requirements made by the individual student.


What Duke University is trying to do is spread diversity across the campus, instead of students separating themselves into groups. The letter also states that students will be better off, and even happier with this campus change.


[Photo Credit to Campus Reform]


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