Dylann Roof will not Fight Prosecution’s Attempt for Death Penalty

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Convicted Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof, will not call witnesses or present any evidence to fight a possible death sentence. Instead, he has given his life into the hands of the jury, after he was convicted of killing nine black church goers in a hate filled crime.

Roof  told U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel Wednesday that he still plans on acting as his own lawyer when the sentencing phase of his capital punishment trial begins on Tuesday.  Gergel advised Roof to seek counsel and talk with his grandfather who is a lawyer, while giving him the option to bring back counsel up until when opening statements are made next week.

Roof let his defense team go, after he was convicted of over 33 counts of hate crimes and obstruction of justice earlier this month. It is believed that the evidence his lawyers wanted to present to spare his life were “embarrassing” to his character, and Roof would not allow it.

As his sentencing phase begins next week, we will see if the jury will spare the self described “racist’s” life or send him to death row.

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