Eric Bolling blames Chicago Mayor for high crime rate

Eric Bolling blames Chicago Mayor for high crime rate

Eric Bolling of Fox News blames Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the high rates of crime in Chicago.

Chicago was the deadliest city in the United States in 2016 — with no close second.

There were 762 homicides during 2016 with hundreds more shootings that did not result in fatalities. Bolling, who is a Chicago native, discussed the horror and tragedy of the violent nature of the town on his show this weekend.



Bolling addressed why he thinks the violence in Chicago is so rampant:

“Why is violent crime skyrocketing there but not in other big cities? What can Chicago do to stop it? First the why. Gang violence is rampant and showing no sign of slowing down. Law enforcement are up to their eyeballs in crime and the dirty little secret no one wants to address is the culture. The culture of crime has become the norm in Chicago. Much like it was in LA in the 1980’s. Those are the hard truths Chicago has to admit to.”

Gang violence and shootings have become the norm in Chicago and it is resulting in high homicide rates. Bolling blames the culture of the city for the rampant gun violence but also says that the gun ban has a role to blame in the violence.

Liberal policy has created an unsafe area where only the bad guys have illegally obtained fire arms and the good guys are not allowed to own guns. Citizens now have no way to protect themselves or others from the violence in their city.

Bolling goes on to blame Mayor Emanuel, stating that he is not doing enough to end the violence. He pushes that there should be a strong gang task force to go in and break up the gangs in Chicago — similar to what was done in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

Mayor Emanuel can not let the violence in Chicago and high murder rates continue into 2017.

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