EXCLUSIVE: Professor boosts student’s grade for converting to liberalism

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In emails exclusively provided to HYPELINE, a professor at Saint Mary’s College of California boosted the grade of a conservative student because they told her that, after taking her class, they changed their political views.

In the email chain, the student asked Professor Susan Weissman to raise their grade because “I got out of the class truly changed my way of thinking; it feels as if I have an entirely different brain now (in a good way!).”

They further explained how her class let them see the light:

This combined with the effort I put into the course makes me think I earned an A. I am walking away from your class with amounts of knowledge I cannot attribute to effort in accordance with an A-. The knowledge I am walking away with seems to be the result of an A grade in the class.


In response, Professor Weissman was happy to hear her class changed the conservative’s student point of view and was more than happy to boost the grade:

You have convinced me absolutely. There is no greater reward than to hear from a student that a course changed his way of thinking, and his worldview, based not just on lectures, but the research you were animated to do. Thanks for you letter and I will change the grade right now.

In a statement to HYPELINE, the student who provided the emails said they had to learn quickly to not share conservative viewpoints in the classroom, for fear of retaliation from Professor Weissman:

“Professor Weissman used the classroom as a means of indoctrination. She repeatedly abused students with conservative viewpoints, while praising those who shared her radical leftist ideas. Although I began as an outspoken conservative, I quickly realized it would be dangerous to continue my behavior…Professor Weissman unfairly graded me with a final grade of an A-, when there was beyond sufficient justification for a final grade of an A. I emailed Dr Weissman asking her to raise my grade, pretending to have experienced a change in thought from conservative to liberal, following my research on cap-and-trade. She promptly stated she would change my grade…”

Calls and emails to Professor Weissman were not returned.

Calls and emails to St. Mary’s Director of Media Relations, Michael McAlpin, were also not returned in time for publication.

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