The Failure of Nationalized “Free” Healthcare

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Much controversy has sprung up recently over the tweet made by Kamala Harris, which stated: “Once again, 129M people with pre-existing conditions could be denied coverage and insurers could charge sick people more money”. This is very much untrue today as it was in 2010 when the Affordable Care act faced scrutiny. According to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, around 250,000 people were not able to get insurance due to pre-existing conditions in 2010.

This is completely different from the 129 million spouted by Harris. People have also forgotten the millions of people who lost their insurance or had their premiums and fees increased due to Obamacare; a clear display of the short attention span of many of our nation’s politicians. People also seem to have forgotten that personal responsibility is what this country was founded on, and that taking responsibility for your own life is beneficial not only for you, but for society as a whole.

Somewhat relevant to personal responsibility is having a job. Today, the vast majority of employers (around 90%) provide benefits and insurance to their employees. This obviously does not include small businesses, who would simply not be able to afford the insurance. Obamacare not only affected health, but it prevented the growth of businesses by implementing fees and taxes for any businesses that exceed a certain number of employees. This is devastating to small businesses because once the business reaches that threshold, profits plummet and the hiring process is likely slowed down or frozen, while simultaneously increasing the chance of employees being laid off.

Any system of nationalized, “free” healthcare is detrimental to the free market, as well as the livelihoods of average American citizens, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. The fees and taxes introduced by the so-called Affordable Care Act have been a burden on the American economy, especially on small businesses, who now have to risk bankruptcy if they hire more employees because of these harsh fines. A free market system, where one could purchase across state lines, incentivizes competition and therefore lower prices in order to appeal to more potential customers. In other words: Economics 101.

All a nationalized healthcare system does is shift the monetary burden from some people to other people. It does not help, as it purports to do, the average American, who may now find it harder to find a job, and be more likely to lose their insurance policy all together. Instead, if there is to be any subsidization, it should be more focused on medical research and not the wishful thinking of politicians seeking reelection and profits from public office.

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