Following the Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in February of 2018, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) promised to figure out how to protect schoolchildren.

On May 9 2019, DeSantis made good on that promise, signing the ‘Classroom Carry’ bill into effect.

This bill will serve as a big test of the “good guy with a gun” theory.  It will be hard to see exact results of this bill’s passage. Only time will tell.

The Florida Senate passed the bill with three Republicans voting against it. In the House, however, it passed with a vote of 65 to 47, with all Democrats, again, voting against the bill.

Advocates of the bill say that this measure would help protect students from shooters, by adding more “good guys” than just a school resource officer. Opponents of the bill worry of the potential problems, such as police or teachers misidentifying assailants.

So, what are the requirements to practice ‘Classroom Carry’?

Before passage of SB 7030 (Classroom Carry), only certain staff members could carry guns on campuses. After passage of the bill, any teacher or staff member willing to undergo the required 144 hours of training, along with psychological evaluations and background checks, can carry a concealed gun in a school.

According to Reuter, school employees in 40 of the state’s 67 counties have shown interest or already enrolled in the program.

Turning Point News reached out to the Turning Point USA chapter at Florida Gulf Coast University to ask for a statement. Chapter President Andrew Ryan responded with a statement on behalf of his chapter:

“The FGCU Turning point chapter is ecstatic to hear of the event of teachers being able to to carry on school campuses to not only protect themselves, but defend their students as well. We see time and time again gun control measures put in place that do nothing to defend students from bad people with ill intentions and a weapon. Now the faculty has a chance to fight back and mitigate damage before the police arrive and hopefully saving lives in the process”

Hopefully with the passage of this bill, future school shooters will be deterred from committing acts of violence. But, if the worst happens, hopefully there will be law abiding citizens there to stop them.

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