Forest phototrap catches naked man high on LSD who thinks he’s a tiger

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Big cats are certainly some of the coolest cats around, as we saw where one lioness ripped out a lion’s fang. However some things that aren’t cool include naked guys on LSD imitating said big cats.

The man seen below (in censored images, but still please use discretion in viewing them) is 21-year-old Marek H who took LSD to help with his depression which is when he then discovered his ‘true identity’ as a tiger, according to The Sun.


A Phototrap used to track and find actual wild animals caught the 21-year-old running in his birthday suit attempting to be one with mother nature through a Polish forest.


He explained how he believed he had become a Siberian tiger once the drug kicked in, which is when his “true personality woke up”.

Once the transition was complete, he “picked up a scent” and felt compelled to follow it on all-fours, he told cops

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