Former ‘Breaking Bad’ star fighting election fraud accusation

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Steven Michael Quezada, who formerly starred on the hit popular show Breaking Bad, is disputing the claims of his former opponent in the race for County Commissioner of Bernalillo County’s District 2 in New Mexico that he violated campaign laws.

Patricia Paiz, his Republican opponent, accused Democrat Quezada of not being in New Mexico on election day and alleges that his wife filed election documents for him, which is against the law.

Paiz says that this violation disqualifies Quezada and makes her the winner by default.

Quezada responded by asserting that he won a fair race.  He went even further by pointing out the large margin by which he won — 62% to 38%.

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The actor-turned-politician even provided documents to show that he filed his own election documents as well as a photo proving that he was in the state on election day.

TMZ first reported on the dispute.

Quezada played DEA agent Steven Gomez on “Breaking Bad,” which aired on AMC from 2008-2013.

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