In the midst of the UC Berkeley attack, Joel Valdez, a TPUSA campus coordinator, is taking action against a similar attack that happened to him.

In 2017, university instructor Tariq Khan had a physical altercation with several students on campus grounds. Khan was a featured professor on Professor Watchlist. According to Professor Watchlist and Valdez, the attack happened when Khan took Valdez’s phone out his hands and through it on the ground.

The incident got physical, as Khan shoved Valdez and his camera man moments later. In a later video, Khan is quoted as saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t flatten his a** out on the ground for talking about my children…”

Valdez appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to discuss the incident:

The video clearly shows Khan initiating the altercation. However, the university does not see it this way.

Valdez is in fact in trouble with the university while Khan has received no punishment. “Instead of the university standing up for students like myself and standing against political violence by their own employees, [the university] decided to hit us with multiple disciplinary charges,” says Valdez.

Valdez was told by a dean at the university to stop talking about the incident if he wanted it to “go away.” Valdez did just the opposite, coming out to Campus Reform and Turning Point USA. 

Currently, there is an ongoing, federal lawsuit against the University of Illinois on the basis of free press and several students’ freedom of speech on campus.

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