Texas State University has sparked much contention on college campuses recently.

After the Texas State Student Government voted to bar Turning Point USA chapters from campus, many free speech advocates have become vocal.

Students and political commenters have been citing President Trump’s executive order, calling for the defunding of any nationally funded college that does not support the Constitution’s First Amendment, in defense of the TPUSA chapter.

Matt Lamp, the former Turning Point USA Heartland Regional Director and current manager of Professor Watchlist, wrote a letter to the editor of the Texas Star student newspaper in response to the university’s actions.

He claims that this legislation will only endorse further free speech censorship:

“Today, we think it will just be the Turning Point USA chapter that is deemed hateful or unfit to be on campus, but who do you think they will come for next? I understand that for the student Senators there is a sense that this is the most important time in their life and that they are being thought leaders and warriors for justice, but I do believe there will be a day when they realize the errors of their ways.”

Lamb defends Turning Point USA, saying that the argument used against the organization is fairly weak.

He says that “because the national Turning Point USA has a searchable database that catalogs publicly available information on professors who did things like denying the Holocaust, joke about shooting students, and compared Trump to Hitler (how original!), the local student group is being discriminated against.”

Lamb has spent nearly four years working for Turning Point USA and protecting the First Amendment. He says that “this resolution is seriously troubling.”

He, just as many students and activists are, is worried who the left will target next, who they will attempt to silence later.

Lamb acknowledges that it is imperative to say, however, that similar tactics may be used against other student organizations on the grounds of simple disagreement.

The Texas State SGA did not official bar the TPUSA chapter from campus, as they did not have authority, according to the Dean of Students

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