Gay Former U.S. Ambassador Announces His Run for Congress Next Year

Gay Former U.S. Ambassador Announces His Run for Congress Next Year

As Danica Roem recently made history for being the first transgender to be elected and win a House seat, former U.S. ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford recently announced that he will be running for Congress next year.

Rufus Gifford recently made his announcement in a YouTube video

Rufus Gifford
Rufus Gifford | PC: Wikimedia Commons

Rufus Gifford, 43, made his running announcement in a YouTube video in which he briefly stated his reasons for running. “Like so many of you, I woke up a year ago shocked and heartbroken by the election of Donald Trump,” he said. “As someone who worked for President Obama for 10 years, helping elect him twice and implement his policies, the idea that that profound legacy was at risk on health care, on climate, on equality, that was devastating for me.”

He went on to say that his campaign promise is to always listen to the people and encourage them to stay engaged in the events of the world. He wants people to trust him and promises to work hard and always listen. Gifford will be running in Massachusetts’ Third Congressional District where Democratic Rep. Niki Tsongas currently holds the seat. While Niki Tsongas has said that she will not seek reelection, Gifford is not the only Democrat running. Gifford joins the race with seven other Democrat contenders. There are also two Republicans who will run opposite the Democrats for the seat which covers the northeastern part of Massachusetts.

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Rufus Gifford is the only Ambassador to have his own reality TV show

Rufus Gifford, former Ambassador
PC: Flickr

Son of the former Bank of America chairman, Chad Gifford, Rufus Gifford has been married to his husband Stephen DeVincent for two years and worked as the U.S. ambassador to Denmark under President Obama’s two terms. He is also the only U.S. ambassador to have his own reality television show, I am the Ambassador. Currently available on Netflix, this documentary series is about his job as the U.S. ambassador to Denmark, his fight for LGBT rights and his professional and personal life. While there are currently only two seasons, the show is popular and has many positive reviews on Netflix.

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