Why Ginuwine Has The Right To Refuse To Date Trans Women

Why Ginuwine Has The Right To Refuse To Date Trans Women

Music artist Ginuwine recently caught the attention of the public eye when he stated that he would never date a trans woman. The incident happened during a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK and had sparked an online debate about whether the singer has the right to discriminate against an entire group of people.

India Willoughby attempted to force herself on Ginuwine.

Ginuwine has been making music since the 1990’s with his most significant hit being “Pony,” and a remake of Prince’s song, “When Doves Cry.” While not an A-list celebrity, the music artist has seven albums and is the spokesperson for Adult Chocolate Milk. However, Ginuwine may have gained some unwanted attention as many fans were outraged with his response to trans woman India Willoughby. India Willoughby made history by becoming the first trans woman in the world to launch an all-female talk show. She is also a journalist and a BBC news broadcaster.

During the episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK, the subject of dating trans people came up. The conversation continued, and those in the room discussed the topic. Ginuwine stated that for some, it’s a choice as he chooses not to date any trans women. This statement caught the attention of India who asked Ginuwine if he would date her, a trans woman. When he replied no to the question, India evidently put her arms around him and attempted to kiss him. Ginuwine refused her advances, and she later stormed off the set.

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If the rolls had been reversed, the incident would have been considered sexual harassment.

After that event, many took to Twitter to post their responses. While some were in support of the singer, there was an overwhelming number of Tweets against Ginuwine who called his response transphobic and accused him of discrimination.

What all these people fail to realize is that no one should be forced to date, anyone. We all have the right to choose for ourselves who we want and do not want to date. Many still believe that marriage is a religious rite between one man and one woman and that the purpose of marriage is to procreate. With this thought in mind, procreating would be impossible for every trans person as they have had surgery to remove their reproductive organs. For this reason, I would never date a trans person as I want to be fertile in my marriage.

It is interesting to see the reaction of people siding with India, the woman who attempted to force herself on Ginuwine. While the atmosphere of the interview was light, the fact of the matter was that India’s behavior towards Ginuwine was sexual harassment. If the rolls had been reversed and Ginuwine had made advances towards India, social justice warriors would be claiming that India was a victim of sexual harassment. India can walk away free because she is a trans woman who fits the narrative that minorities can do no wrong.

What do you think of Ginuwine’s decision refusing to date trans women? Was India Willoughby’s behavior towards Ginuwine sexual harassment? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.