College Student President Fights To ‘RESIST’ Trump’s DACA Decision

College Student President Fights To ‘RESIST’ Trump’s DACA Decision

The student body president at Gonzaga University vowed to fight for DACA recipients on his college campus after President Trump decided to revoke the program.

Students RESIST DACA decision

Carlo Juntilla, the student president of Gonzaga University in Washington state, announced on Facebook that he was protesting the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) decision and encouraged others to join him by providing resources for other students to resist as well.

The college president mentioned Gonzaga University’s “Jesuit tradition” to “challenge the notion that DREAMers and immigrants are unwanted.”

Juntilla also said that Trump’s decision to rescind DACA “contradicts the principle of equality amongst all students and challenges our commitment to preserving the dignity of human persons.”

Students at Gonzaga University resist Trump’s DACA decision.

He also mentioned that every person admitted to Gonzaga University deserved to have a place at the school regardless of “who they are or where they come from.”


How students can take action

The school president included a list of resources they can use to protest the DACA decision and a way to contact their local senators. He also added that students could text “RESIST” to 50409 which would generate a message to be faxed to those senators.

The student body leader finished up his statement by saying that he was “calling upon the student body” to continue to stay “civically engaged” throughout this difficult time in America’s history, according to Campus Reform.


Juntilla even told the news outlet that the Gonzaga Student Body Association’s theme for their new school year was “inclusivity, accountability, and belonging.” He also mentioned he hoped to launch an “Undocumented Student Scholarship.”

The university staff and students will reportedly integrate these themes into the work and social life on campus.

The Gonzaga student president claimed to have the full support of University President Thayne McCulloh, who said that he planned to work with the Student Body Association to keep their promise to the “vulnerable members” of their school’s community.

On September 6, students at Gonzaga gathered in the entrance hall of the John J. Hemmingson Center to stand in solidarity with the people who had been affected by the end of the DACA program, the Gonzaga Bulletin reported.


President Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA has left thousands of people feeling uncertain and scared for their futures. Over 800,000 undocumented children throughout America have been granted the opportunity to reside in the country through DACA. Recipients of the program will lose their status in March.

Over the next few months, Congress will need to figure out how to preserve DACA’s protections.

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