GQ Tells Readers It Is “Civic Duty” To Ruin Thanksgiving For Trump Supporters

GQ Tells Readers It Is “Civic Duty” To Ruin Thanksgiving For Trump Supporters

A piece in the latest edition of GQ magazine called upon its readers to fulfill a somewhat unusual request: to ruin the Thanksgiving of any relatives who support President Trump.

GQ Writer: “Show up and be kind of an a**hole.”

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“It’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving—for America!” the piece, written by Joe Berkowitz, stated. “If you’re headed home to a household that still thinks a sex-offending game show host in rapid cognitive decline was the best choice for a president, it is your civic duty to filibuster Thanksgiving,” it went on, encouraging readers to use “scorched earth” tactics that were not just about being spiteful after Hillary’s election loss, but about “chipping away” at the president’s base. “Show up and be kind of an a**hole,” he says. Don’t hug your family, only give “Stiff formal handshakes” and “during the football game, talk about police brutality nonstop.”

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As if this perverse call to arms wasn’t strange enough, Berkowitz told his readers not to worry if family members weren’t swayed by the leftist arguments put forth at the table. “If your family is unmoved after a ruined Thanksgiving, though, that’s fine too,” he tells his readers. “After all, next year’s Thanksgiving falls just after the 2018 midterms, and if your true believer parents still feel the way they do now, you might ruin their holiday in another way,” suggesting that adherents to his call change their strategy of offensiveness at the next occasion.

An unhinged left

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This is just the most recent, but probably not the most bizarre meltdowns put forth by the unhinged left in the aftermath of their election loss last year. We all remember the vagina hat wearing women, marching through the streets of Washington DC, and, of course, who could forget the nationwide “scream at the sky” event they held to mark the anniversary of President Trump’s election.

And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the riots, property damage, and physical violence that some of the most radical on the left have carried out in the past year. But, let’s all just hope that we can have a happy, peaceful Thanksgiving and that we don’t need to worry about that one cousin taking a playbook out of GQ and ruining things for the rest of us.

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